Day Three: Did Sun Tzu Say Anything About Preparedness?

Considering a new, structured approach to create this project, it has made me think more deeply about reason. To elucidate more fully, I have been made to think about the utility and function of what it is that I am doing. I used this technical specification outline and in section 2 it asks some existential questions about the purpose of what the project is to acheive. This really is something I really need to ask more often.

My life currently is made up of my search for meaning, I think essentially I want to have some purpose to the actions that I take. I often fail to ask myself such questions about some of the tasks that I undertake, and simply think to myself that something sounds good or interesting. I have to ask myself sometimes, is that sufficient? Should a work, any work that I do have more significance. It may seem that I am just engaging in a task of learning, and that should be enough. However, I have forgotten enough to know that this is debatable. The fragment of time that I have here, to meet and share my consciousness is limited, do I really want to spend it engaged in a task that has little to no purpose. Okay, that got a little heavier than I intended. However that is sometimes just where my mind goes. So the beauty of stream of consciousness, is that is what I write.

This morning, I was stuck in the house for another day of enforced isolation due to pandemic fears, and my routine involves my pacing around my apartment, unable to leave for fear of spreading possible contagion, I was listening to the audiobook Good Habit, Bad Habits, and it was speaking about a topic that I felt supported the creation of a technical specification document. Let me try and explain. In the book the author writes about chefs and the creation of meals, she talks about the process of ‘mise en place’, which is the importance of putting things into place before starting to cook; dishes, and ingredients should all be ready and in the necessary state before any cooking begins. This leads to less waste and less frustration.

So as part of my growth in this process, I hope to come up with a way of reducing waste, be it of time, or of energy. This means that I am going to be using several resources that I currently have at my fingertips to learn and use as possible templates for the creation of the project framework.

I am placing the resources that I am using on the resources page, and those are the things that should at least be able to get me pointing in the appropriate direction. I will provide more details to that page as the project unfolds, and hopefully this will be useful for me going forward.

Image provided by: unsplash-logoMaarten van den Heuvel